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Ugljan - Ošljak - Galevac

The islands of Ugljan and Ošljak are part of the Zadar archipelago and are known for their lush vegetation. The island of Ugljan is known for its traditional architecture (stone houses), old olive groves, beautiful beaches and clear sea.

One of the attractions that should be visited while you are on the island of Ugljan is the islet of Školjić or Galevac located 85 meters from the town of Preka. Franciscan monastery of St. Paul Eremit is located on this island.

Along with the islands of Ugljan and Galavec, an important tourist destination is the island of Ošljak, which the locals also call Lazaret. It is the smallest inhabited island in Croatia, which is located about half a nautical mile from the town of Preka on the island of Ugljan. The island is known for its beautiful park-forest and clear sea - the first artificial fish reef in Croatia has been set up here.

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